5 reasons to increase Soundcloud Plays count

You don’t need reasons to increase play counts as it is all about getting benefits. However, let’s start the discussion by considering the top five reasons:

To be popular: First and common reason. When you join Soundcloud, your main goal is to be popular. No harm in thinking this. Have you tried one of the soundcloud promotion services and you still think it is possible without plays? No, it is not possible, which implies you should buy Soundcloud plays to be popular.

To promote your tracks: By increasing play count, you are actually promoting your tracks. A track cannot reach the top without promotions. So it is always great to buy Soundcloud play to  promote your tracks. Otherwise, it may harm your track and your hard work; don’t waste it!

To get paid more: If you are famous, then people will pay you more for the gigs. This means, an increased number of Soundcloud plays can help you in earning more money.  You will get paid if you have hundreds …

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Insurance costs keep groups out of parks


HOUMA — Organizers of a local Neighborhood Watch anti-crime group thought that promoting a block party at a public park in Gray would be a great way to spread enthusiasm about keeping their streets safe.

But they soon learned that purchasing a $375 liability-insurance policy required by the parish was more than their group could afford.

Sonny Baye, president of the Gray-Area Neighborhood Watch Association, originally approached the Recreation District 1 board in May with the group’s plans. He hoped that renting the park for a one-day event planned for July would only cost the association a $50 rental fee.

What he soon learned surprised him.

According to parish policy, to rent any parish-owned facility, including recreation-district parks and gymnasiums, groups or individuals must purchase liability insurance for their event and name Terrebonne Parish government as an insured party.

Liability insurance protects the renter and the parish if someone at the event or using the facility is injured.

“This is something we’ve had in place for more than a …

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Player’s absence made him unavailable to play


As head coach of the Terrebonne Parish Recreation West 8-year-old All-Star baseball team, I would like to respond to Kristi Cagle’s letter Sunday concerning her son’s selection to the team.

TPR Director Sterling Washington, Supervisors Gregory Harding, John Morgan and J.C. Dusenbery held tryouts on June 16-17. Washington made an announcement before tryouts that if anyone had vacation plans to not try out. TPR wanted 12 players at the state tournament.

On June 17, TPR officials selected 12 players (among 32). I was given the roster and called practice that afternoon. All 12 attended. After practice, Mrs. Cagle told me her son would be missing practice for one week because they had vacation plans with his father, who had been overseas for quite awhile, and their plane tickets were nonrefundable. I told her I had no problem with it. We practiced every day, and her son attended only the first practice.

On June 23, TPR told me birth certificate certification forms and release forms to be signed by parents …

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All students need fitness

By establishing the position of athletic director, I trust the Lafourche Parish School Board and a newly appointed athletic director will assure that not only the major sports will be enhanced. With obesity on the increase, now, more than ever, there is the need for a vigorous, solid, varied and strenuous physical education program that will promote long-time fitness and health to be an integral, imperative goal for the physical well-being of all Lafourche Parish boys and girls.

A long time ago, I hoped the Lafourche Parish School Board would stress physical education and health, along with sports as equally beneficial and necessary for all our boys and girls, not only athletes; that the board would appoint a parish physical education director, soon after World War II ended, to establish a parishwide program that would take care of the health and physical needs of our boys and girls who either did not want to participate in our major sports or could not do so, citing a valid reason.

Had such …

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Congressman cites energy crisis

HOUMA – In a speech Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-Chackbay, highlighted recent occurrences on the national level; some spelling good news for all while others hint at future challenges for Louisiana and the rest of America.

Tauzin spoke during a joint membership luncheon sponsored by the Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce, Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Lafourche and the Bayou Region at the Cypress Columns in Gray.

The congressman, who is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told the crowd of nearly 400 chamber members that he and other representatives are working on an energy bill that will have extraordinary implications for Louisiana.

“America depends on Louisiana for so much of its energy, and we depend so much on the production and use of energy in Louisiana for our economy,” Tauzin said.

On Tuesday, he met with Dow Chemical and other representatives of the chemical industries along the Mississippi River to discuss an impending crisis to the state.

At the chambers’ luncheon, he said this crisis …

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Cuban was just telling the truth

In a sports world increasingly dominated by politically correct cliches, Cuban has a no-nonsense disregard for the kind of foolishness advocated by NBA commissioner David Stern.

The recent uproar surrounding basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and the allegations of sexual assault leveled against him has given Cuban a chance to shine.

The brash, young owner of the Dallas Mavericks said the media circus currently revolving around the Bryant case will be a boon for the NBA.

His point is well taken. The infamous are more valuable to the entertainment industry than are the merely famous.

In sports, we see Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman and Michael Irvin representing their industry with shameful (and in some cases criminal) antics. What happens? The ESPNs and the sports fans love it.

Sure, some sports pundits express dismay when Tyson bites the ear off an opponent or rapes someone, but the media overkill just pumps up the star’s draw.

Well past his prime, when Tyson emerged from prison after serving time for rape, millions of people …

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Dularge fire rating upgraded


DULARGE — Homeowners in the Bayou Dularge area will pay lower fire-insurance premiums beginning next week thanks to an improved fire-risk rating.

Fire District 10, whose protection area includes Bayou Dularge and Theriot, purchased new equipment to qualify for a 4, one point better than the rating it previously held.

The new rating takes effect next Monday and will mean homeowners will pay about 10 percent less for fire insurance coverage over the next year.

The exact decrease depends on the value of the property, its location and the rate schedule of the company insuring the property, said State Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley.

Overall, though, the change means fire coverage on an $80,000 home will drop by about $39 a year.

“That may not sound like a lot,” Wooley said. “But when you consider how many homes there are in a district, it’s a major impact.”

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana, a nonprofit group of state-licensed insurance carriers, issues fire ratings after surveying a district’s services.

The surveys …

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Requirement unnecessary


How much information should people have to give the government before they are allowed to vote?

That is the question at the heart of a Georgia case that is making its way through the federal court system.

Deborah and Theodore Schwier live in Social Circle, a small town 40 miles east of Atlanta, according to a Tuesday story by The Associated Press. After they registered to vote in the 2015 elections, Walton County officials tossed out their registrations because they had failed to provide their Social Security numbers.

They sued the county in federal court claiming the county’s requirement of their Social Security numbers violates the federal Privacy Act, but their suit was thrown out.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday, though, that the lower court must hold a trial on the matter.

We applaud the Schwiers’ courage in challenging the law, and hope the court will rule they don’t have to provide their Social Security numbers just to exercise the right that is the cornerstone …

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Residents have concerns

Local residents got a chance Tuesday night to sound off on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the state Department of Natural Resources’ plans for the Louisiana Coastal Area study, which will help determine how the state and the nation attack Louisiana’s coastal wetlands loss.

There was a lot of concern evident in the residents who turned out at the Larose meeting, from the scope of local projects to be included in the study to the eventual effects of the large-scale project on local people such as shrimpers.

At the heart of the issue is the estimated $14 billion restoration effort that could take the state 50 years to complete. Coastal experts and state and federal officials know generally the kinds of projects that will help rebuild the coast. They will consist primarily of freshwater diversion projects, channels dug to carry fresh water and sediment from the Mississippi River into the coastal area. The fresh water will help wetlands plants survive while the sediment, it is hoped, can actually …

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