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Weed smokers are often caught in a dilemma when it comes to their work life and their desire to smoke marijuana. On the one hand they enjoy smoking weed and the pleasures that it brings them. On the other hand, they don’t want to become jobless because of their habit. One the biggest problems that marijuana users go through is eliminating weed from out of their system. This is especially true when they must earn a living. A weed smoker does not want to deal with taking a drug test to get a job. Many jobs that pay well typically require their employees to take a drug test. This is especially true for people who work in professions with lots of money, where there are children, related to healthcare, sensitive information, personal consumer data and emergency response. Employers generally want employees who are coherent, sober, clear headed and functional.

Currently, the Federal administration seems to be ignoring the will of the people in favor of more open marijuana policies and laws and is backtracking to failed “drug war” policies of previous decades. The US Attorney General has rolled back the Obama administration’s policies respecting the rights of businesses that operate within the parameters of marijuana-related laws of the state where they are located.

A Green Field of Evolving Laws

It has been over twenty years since California passed the country’s first medical marijuana initiative. Two and a half dozen other states have followed the Golden State’s lead in the two decades since, offering hope for patients who find cannabis provides relief from conditions including AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, constant pain, and more. Patients are finally allowed to consult with their medical professional and determine whether they might find some benefits for their condition with the use of cannabis products. Groups of patients in those states were permitted to unite in collectives to form dispensaries to ensure a supply of their medicine was available to them, despite its continued prohibition under federal law.

We have noticed a lot of people asking us about how easy it is to pass a drug test. It’s actually very easy to learn how to cheat a drug test if you know the right actions to do. In order to cheat a urine drug test, you have to do your research. There is no other way to do this. Most people use things like synthetic urine and other adulterants.

Within the last half-dozen years, a handful of states that had allowed the use of medical marijuana made a move to allow the general personal use of the plant for adults. Nine states have now passed voter initiatives or seen laws written in the state legislature allowing adults to purchase marijuana from licensed stores in their state. Beginning with Washington and Colorado in 2012, and moving on to Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, and most recently including Nevada and California, millions of voters nationwide have expressed their desire to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana.

Research indicates that an astounding 94% of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana. By party preference, Republicans are the lowest in their support, with some 90% of GOP voters favoring medical use, while 95% of Democrats and 96% of Independents favor medical use for patients in the country. On the question of personal use, a clear majority stands in favor of allowing adults to choose. Some 64% of Americans back personal use freedom, dividing along party lines with 74% support from Democrats and a slim majority of 51% support among Republicans. All the percentages have increased dramatically in recent decades, showing a growing acceptance of marijuana use, for medical or personal choice, among a majority of American citizens.

Beginning in early 2018, however, the US Attorney General indicated a step back in federal policy. Previous administrations had come to a virtual “truce” with states over the issue, despite the fact that cannabis remains a forbidden, Schedule I drug under US law. Essentially, the feds had previously told states that businesses and individuals in compliance with local and state drug laws would be left alone by the Federal government, but this is no longer the case. Complicating issues are Federal banking regulations, which have never been open to allowing businesses that are in violation of Federal law access to their services, leaving marijuana businesses in a shady gray area of financial transactions that made business operations difficult enough, even before the regression to threats of Federal prosecution for businesses that are doing their best to follow all state and local laws in their operations.

Do I have to pass a drug test for a job if marijuana is legal in my state?

So you got the delivery job you applied for, and now you have started wondering about the drug test that was mentioned in the application. Maybe it has been awhile since you were tested, and maybe you have taken or been exposed to drugs that may be detected in the test. You may be wondering how to pass a drug test to be sure that the job you’ve qualified for isn’t lost to a technicality. Despite what you may have heard or experienced in the past, it is possible to come out clean and pass the drug test with no problems, if you follow a few simple steps and use some common sense.

First, find out the details of your new employer. The drug test will likely just be one step among many other things that must be done to be ready to launch into the work you’ve been hired to do. Without bringing a lot of attention to the issue of the drug test, go over the process of what you will need to do to complete the employment process, use a synthetic urine kit, and start the job. While figuring out where you’ll go for training meetings, where to get your uniform, and a bunch of other details, be sure you understand the timeline and steps involved in getting drug tested for the job. Many companies will direct you to a testing service that will conduct the actual drug test, or they may schedule it as part of a routine physical with a company doctor. Either way, learn how long you have to complete the drug test, where you will report to be tested, and other important details, and mark the dates on your calendar to get prepared to pass your test. For many people, a bit of extra time before a drug test can be good if there is a chance that they may have used a prohibited substance recently.