5 reasons to increase Soundcloud Plays count

You don’t need reasons to increase play counts as it is all about getting benefits. However, let’s start the discussion by considering the top five reasons:

To be popular: First and common reason. When you join Soundcloud, your main goal is to be popular. No harm in thinking this. Have you tried one of the soundcloud promotion services and you still think it is possible without plays? No, it is not possible, which implies you should buy Soundcloud plays to be popular.

To promote your tracks: By increasing play count, you are actually promoting your tracks. A track cannot reach the top without promotions. So it is always great to buy Soundcloud play to  promote your tracks. Otherwise, it may harm your track and your hard work; don’t waste it!

To get paid more: If you are famous, then people will pay you more for the gigs. This means, an increased number of Soundcloud plays can help you in earning more money.  You will get paid if you have hundreds …

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