All students need fitness

By establishing the position of athletic director, I trust the Lafourche Parish School Board and a newly appointed athletic director will assure that not only the major sports will be enhanced. With obesity on the increase, now, more than ever, there is the need for a vigorous, solid, varied and strenuous physical education program that will promote long-time fitness and health to be an integral, imperative goal for the physical well-being of all Lafourche Parish boys and girls.

A long time ago, I hoped the Lafourche Parish School Board would stress physical education and health, along with sports as equally beneficial and necessary for all our boys and girls, not only athletes; that the board would appoint a parish physical education director, soon after World War II ended, to establish a parishwide program that would take care of the health and physical needs of our boys and girls who either did not want to participate in our major sports or could not do so, citing a valid reason.

Had such …

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