Player’s absence made him unavailable to play


As head coach of the Terrebonne Parish Recreation West 8-year-old All-Star baseball team, I would like to respond to Kristi Cagle’s letter Sunday concerning her son’s selection to the team.

TPR Director Sterling Washington, Supervisors Gregory Harding, John Morgan and J.C. Dusenbery held tryouts on June 16-17. Washington made an announcement before tryouts that if anyone had vacation plans to not try out. TPR wanted 12 players at the state tournament.

On June 17, TPR officials selected 12 players (among 32). I was given the roster and called practice that afternoon. All 12 attended. After practice, Mrs. Cagle told me her son would be missing practice for one week because they had vacation plans with his father, who had been overseas for quite awhile, and their plane tickets were nonrefundable. I told her I had no problem with it. We practiced every day, and her son attended only the first practice.

On June 23, TPR told me birth certificate certification forms and release forms to be signed by parents …

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Cuban was just telling the truth

In a sports world increasingly dominated by politically correct cliches, Cuban has a no-nonsense disregard for the kind of foolishness advocated by NBA commissioner David Stern.

The recent uproar surrounding basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and the allegations of sexual assault leveled against him has given Cuban a chance to shine.

The brash, young owner of the Dallas Mavericks said the media circus currently revolving around the Bryant case will be a boon for the NBA.

His point is well taken. The infamous are more valuable to the entertainment industry than are the merely famous.

In sports, we see Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman and Michael Irvin representing their industry with shameful (and in some cases criminal) antics. What happens? The ESPNs and the sports fans love it.

Sure, some sports pundits express dismay when Tyson bites the ear off an opponent or rapes someone, but the media overkill just pumps up the star’s draw.

Well past his prime, when Tyson emerged from prison after serving time for rape, millions of people …

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