Marijuana’s Effects on Your Mind

Truthfully, low paid professions typically do not require a drug test. So, if a person does not mind working as a fast food employee, a dishwasher or a street sweeper; they can smoke all the weed they want with little concern for taking a drug test. This type of thing usually does not occur for people who enjoy smoking weed in those types of jobs. Keep in mind that weed smokers come from all walks of life. Many people from middle and upper-class backgrounds consume marijuana. A lot of American people take marijuana substances for health reasons. Also, many restaurants are now selling this product. Yes, marijuana might be a controlled drug substance according to U.S. narcotics law; but it also a commercial product that is sold in various foods and other items.

Marijuana is now a fact of modern life. It is already legalized in 3 major U.S. states and it is partially accepted in many others. The point is that marijuana is making an impact on modern society. Soon, many people will find ways to smoke and consume it. When they do, chances are they will have elements of TCH in their system. THC is the substance in marijuana that gives people the “high” feeling. This substance is what gets people in trouble when they smoke marijuana. People can get rid of THC from their system, but it might not be an easy process. You must keep reading to understand why.

How does marijuana affect a person’s system?

We already learned that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the substance in weed that gets people high. Once this chemical enters a person’s body it will eventually be stored in their fat cells. Don’t forget that THC will work its way into the fat cells of the human body. This is because it is a fat-soluble. This cannabinoid works to provide a pleasurable feeling by attaching itself to certain receptors within a person’s brain. To put it simply, THC literally attaches itself to the parts of a person’s brain cells where euphoric feelings are created. Also, it interferes with parts of the brain that controls paranoia, hunger and laughing. THC’s natural interaction with the human body generally produces these results. This substance can literally change a person’s behavior and mood. Which is a reason why so many people use it for relaxation and/or recreation. It also is used to help people when they are trying to be creative in some area of entertainment or science. As a side note, THC will even destroy brain cells the more a person smokes or consumes this substance. That is a proven fact.